ACCP 2: Request for an Ampleforth:Ether:Wrapped-Bitcoin Balancer Liquidity Pool Source

AuthorShady El Damaty

Simple Summary

This proposal requests the addition of a Wrapped Bitcoin :: Ethereum :: Ampleforth Balancer Pool


The Ampleforth protocol best serves its function as a non-dilutive elastic synthetic commodity when paired with other major assets in sufficient liquidty. The Geyser program has incentivized deep liquidity of Ampl with Ether, however there is still a missing pairing with the number one cryptocurrency: Bitcoin. A balancer pool containing ample, bitcoin and ethereum would address this missing source of liquidity in the ecosystem. A simple 33:33:33 WBTC:AMPL:ETH weighted pool with a standard 0.3% fee is proposed in this ACCP. If passed by the community, then further work should be done to include this pool as supported asset on the Ampleforth Geyser.


The motivation for this ACCP is simply that are no pairings of AMPL with the top cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. A balancer pool will bridge liquidity to include Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Ampleforth.

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